Cellande email interview

   Cellande are a west midlands family business who specialise in environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Their webpage is : http://www.cellande.co.uk/


Thank you for your reply so quickly her are my questions:

1) How long has your company been creating Environmentally friendly products and how did this come about? We have been doing this for 20 years.  We came across the hand cleanser which healed up cracked skin and tried to buy some more. It had only been made for around 3 years, and no one was selling it so we took it on

2) How many products in total do you sell? Around 30

3) Since global warming issues have been become popular have you noticed any change in sales?  Not really.  We assume that random peaks are because someone somewhere has published article or made a broadcast.

4) Do you think larger brand companies have jumped on the ‘eco’ bandwagon purely for more sales? Yes

5) For the future what type of people should companies be aiming at?  Large companies need to sell to mass market, so they need to persuade new people

6) What are your companies plans for thr future?  We don’t bother with plans anymore, what you plan doesn’t work out but something else usually does.

7) Do you think the issue of being ‘green’ is being taken seriously? I think it is beginning to be now


I really appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions. If I could just ask one more. What is your position within the company?  Partner    




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