10 Things to look out for………

With everybody becoming more Environmentally friendly technology and science are advancing to protect the world we live in. Here is ten things to look out for that could make a big difference.

Clean sky initiative

“An industry driven Tyear research programme for a greener generation of European Air Transport”. The Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe are aiming that by 2020 they would have reduced all C02 emissions by 50% through drastic reductions of fuel consumpton and reduced external noise by 50%. www.asd-europe.org

The Human Car

Prototype designs have been reveiled for a battery charging human powered car. The car will set you back $15,000 and the battery is charged by the rowing handles inside the car. www.autobloggreen.com

Hybrid car battery

CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) have developed a new hybrid battery that costs 70% less, charges faster and provides 50% more power and increases the batteries life by 300%. The idea though is still under testing. www.autobloggreen.com/2008

Health food

Kraft foods have teamed up with pesticide makers Tyratech to create food to kill intestinal worms. The foods will contain deworming chemicals and will be aimed at a market within the rural areas of Asia, Africa and South America. www.environmentalgraffiti.com/sciencetech

Fast paced emissions

Researchers have reported that emissions of carbon dioxide have accelerated pace since 2000. More emissions leads to higher levels of global warming which in turn leads to the prediction of rising sea levels. www.usatoday.com/weather/climate

Taxi hybrids

5o licences are up for grabs in Melbourne, Australia that will give taxi drivers the opportunity to drive a fleet of hybrid taxis. Victorian Premier John Brumby said that each year using hybrids instead of standard cabs will reduce Co2 emissions by around 100 tons. www.drive.com.au

Buy yourself a ride….

A website has been launched aimed to get people to car pool. The website www.PickupPal.com describes itself as an Ebay for transportation.

Robot future

Robots could replace animals when it comes to product testing. According to the BBC scientists are aiming to develop a non animal based testing method. www.news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature

Sick societies

A new study has shown to prove that deforrestation may actually leave humans more vunerable to infections. www.sciencedaily.com

Knee power

US and Canadian scientists have built a device that harvests energy from human movement. “The adapted knee brace can form enough energy to power a mobile phone from just one walk”. http://www.news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology.



  1. asnape Said:

    I shall keep my eyes peeled!
    Keep up the good work.

  2. paulbradshaw Said:

    This is great (make sure your last link works)
    How about editing this to a piece for the site along the lines of ‘Things to watch out for in 2008’?

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