Cellande email interview

   Cellande are a west midlands family business who specialise in environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Their webpage is : http://www.cellande.co.uk/


Thank you for your reply so quickly her are my questions:

1) How long has your company been creating Environmentally friendly products and how did this come about? We have been doing this for 20 years.  We came across the hand cleanser which healed up cracked skin and tried to buy some more. It had only been made for around 3 years, and no one was selling it so we took it on

2) How many products in total do you sell? Around 30

3) Since global warming issues have been become popular have you noticed any change in sales?  Not really.  We assume that random peaks are because someone somewhere has published article or made a broadcast.

4) Do you think larger brand companies have jumped on the ‘eco’ bandwagon purely for more sales? Yes

5) For the future what type of people should companies be aiming at?  Large companies need to sell to mass market, so they need to persuade new people

6) What are your companies plans for thr future?  We don’t bother with plans anymore, what you plan doesn’t work out but something else usually does.

7) Do you think the issue of being ‘green’ is being taken seriously? I think it is beginning to be now


I really appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions. If I could just ask one more. What is your position within the company?  Partner    




Goodbye mobile phone update……….

Today I recieved my smartly adressed (hand written) envelope from Oxfam and inside was my two wallets to send back any unwanted mobile phones. I am planning to have them ready to send back by Monday so I will post again on how I found the form filling in process.

Goodbye Mobile Phone

I recently traded in my old mobile phone for a new model that could take better photos and just generally looked nicer. So as a result my old mobile has sat on my shelf for the past three months. So I googled ‘recycling my mobile phone’ and chose to use Oxfam’s way of recycling as its for charity and then some good will come from my rejected mobile.

I have chosen to send my mobile off in a bag that I have registered to get in the post. I did that an hour ago, so within the next week it should arrive. 

Technology takes over?……

As an idea for a second story I was thinking about talking about the recycling of electical gadgets. I was thinking of taking the angle that there arent many places where you can say recycle your ipod? Another idea I was thinking of was about a story I read about the progress and developments in the idea around creating solar powered roads. http://www.solarroadways.com/I like this story but I’m still unsure on how i can take the information and make it into a story.

Eco-friendly Gadgets- Story idea??

When I started researching the topic of technology and science I was worried that i wouldnt be able to find an angle to research. I also thought that all the topics would be about reducing emissions and recycling. I have found that actually being eco-friendly and green can be ‘cool’. As an angle for my story I am now thinking about looking into the gadget side of being green so that students and young adults can all do their part in helping the environment. To start me off I have found an amazing site www.nigelsecostore.com  

10 Things to look out for………

With everybody becoming more Environmentally friendly technology and science are advancing to protect the world we live in. Here is ten things to look out for that could make a big difference.

Clean sky initiative

“An industry driven Tyear research programme for a greener generation of European Air Transport”. The Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe are aiming that by 2020 they would have reduced all C02 emissions by 50% through drastic reductions of fuel consumpton and reduced external noise by 50%. www.asd-europe.org

The Human Car

Prototype designs have been reveiled for a battery charging human powered car. The car will set you back $15,000 and the battery is charged by the rowing handles inside the car. www.autobloggreen.com

Hybrid car battery

CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) have developed a new hybrid battery that costs 70% less, charges faster and provides 50% more power and increases the batteries life by 300%. The idea though is still under testing. www.autobloggreen.com/2008

Health food

Kraft foods have teamed up with pesticide makers Tyratech to create food to kill intestinal worms. The foods will contain deworming chemicals and will be aimed at a market within the rural areas of Asia, Africa and South America. www.environmentalgraffiti.com/sciencetech

Fast paced emissions

Researchers have reported that emissions of carbon dioxide have accelerated pace since 2000. More emissions leads to higher levels of global warming which in turn leads to the prediction of rising sea levels. www.usatoday.com/weather/climate

Taxi hybrids

5o licences are up for grabs in Melbourne, Australia that will give taxi drivers the opportunity to drive a fleet of hybrid taxis. Victorian Premier John Brumby said that each year using hybrids instead of standard cabs will reduce Co2 emissions by around 100 tons. www.drive.com.au

Buy yourself a ride….

A website has been launched aimed to get people to car pool. The website www.PickupPal.com describes itself as an Ebay for transportation.

Robot future

Robots could replace animals when it comes to product testing. According to the BBC scientists are aiming to develop a non animal based testing method. www.news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature

Sick societies

A new study has shown to prove that deforrestation may actually leave humans more vunerable to infections. www.sciencedaily.com

Knee power

US and Canadian scientists have built a device that harvests energy from human movement. “The adapted knee brace can form enough energy to power a mobile phone from just one walk”. http://www.news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology.


My name is Hayley Smith, as part of my MC546 I will be reporting about upcoming news about the Environment specialising in technology and science.

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